Q: Now that Seyoung is no longer your wife?  -  We Got Married 237

"It’s okay…it’s okay…"  -  We Got Married 237

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sarang-hae-rasta asked:

Virtual hug. I personally have not watched the final episode yet. I am not ready..

That’s okay… Take your time. I kinda wish I’d waited longer but I was so good all weekend staying off the Internet (a very hard feat for me) that I had to just do it.

Thanks for the hugs and here’s some for you when you feel ready for your viewing

Re: Tonight’s 2Young Farewell Episode

Hey everyone,

So I’ve decided not to stay up tonight and watch the WGM stream. I’m also not going to watch the raw in the morning. I’m gonna shut my laptop right now and then try to really enjoy my weekend. Then when I get the fb alert that the sub is out, I’ll find a time to curl up in my bed with my tissues and my wine and sob.

I’ve said this before but, WGM goodbyes really really get me. Once I was watching a Jinhee episode and there was a goodbye segment for a couple I hadn’t even watched yet and I STILL cried. At my desk. At work.

It’s just that feeling that I think everyone relates to. Goodbyes. Like the last day of camp, or someone close to you moving away… the bittersweetness of the good memories and the sadness of parting. And the couples always thank each other for things. It really touches me and brings out the tears like nothing else can. It’s always the realest part of any wgm run… they weren’t really married, but they’re really saying goodbye.

That’s why I want to watch it when I can understand every word they say to each other. I want to cherish all of it. And I honestly think if I watch the raw first, I won’t be able to watch the sub for at least a week cause the pain will be too fresh for a rewatch.

I hope you guys all understand… I promise you many many gifs and probably some weepy fangirl text posts when I’ve seen it. Super duper big hugs to everyone who will be feeling all of the feels… I’m right here with you.

See you on the other side